Reflexology Massage

The knowledge of Thai reflexology massage is over 2000 years old. The massage therapist uses the hands, fingers, thumbs, knuckles, and a rounded wooden stick with lotion or oil to put pressure on particular areas of the soles of the feet.

Stimulating the nerves by applying pressure to the reflex points on the feet, hands and ears the energy lines will get unblocked encouraging beneficial effects on parts of the body that corresponds with these points.

The techniques that a massage therapist uses is a mixture of the ancient healing arts of Reflexology, Chinese Tuina, Japanese Shiatsu and Indian Ayurvedi yoga.
The monks in the Thai Royal Palace have passed the secrets of Thai massage on through generations to keep the reflexology techniques alive.

At New Sky a reflexology session lasts 60 minutes and this for 4 to 6 weeks. Whilst a massage treatment works very well alongside conventional medicine, it should never be used in place of seeking professional medical advice.

Local Reflexology

Reflexology is not a just a foot massage; it is a clinical treatment with proven results. It is totally safe for people of all ages, from babies to the elderly, for pregnant women and those undergoing chemotherapy. Reflexology is fantastic for relaxing and can clear health problems that are linked to nervous stress and tension and helps the body to regain and maintain its general good health and natural balance. If you are in near then come to our massage parlor for your next massage".

Foot Massage Benefits

The benefits of a foot massage are to restore the balance in the body and to relieve the body from stress, back and other chronic pain, plantar fasciitis, allergies, high blood pressure, sleep disorder, fibromyalgia, gout, migraine, arthritis, diabetes, kidney, and digestive problems.

Other benefits are the accelerating of the healing process, boosting the immune system, refreshing the body and clearing the mind from stress.
  • Boost the immune system
  • Encourages physical healing
  • Improves circulation in feet and legs
  • Improves concentration and clarity of mind
  • Improves lymphatic drainage
  • Improves sleep
  • Leaves you with a general feeling of tranquillity, calmness, and well being
  • Lifts your mood
  • Reduces stiffness and improves flexibility
  • Stress relief

Thai Massage Services

Full Body

The oil that we use during the massage will not harm you. The oil will make you feel relax during the massage sessions and stimulates the re-energizing of your body.


Reflexology massage is based on the belief that the points contained on the feet are useful enough to cure the body because every point is related to a specific organ.


Exercising is good and in combination with a sports massage your body will heal quicker giving it a physological benefit.


The traditional Thai massage means stretching your muscles through gentle, rhythmic manipulation to relieve you from aches and pains.