Full Body Massage

For a full body massage, you come to the right place because there is no better way to relax and enjoy the warmth of a good Thai full body massage session then coming to New Sky in Southampton.

And as you understand a Thai full body massage means nothing less than that a certified Thai masseuse uses all the techniques she learnt in Thailand to relief your body from the stress.
At New Sky we use oil during the massages except for the traditional massage. The oil moisturises the skin but also avoids that rubbing causes pain. The masseuse uses the fingers and elbow, especially when you are a big guy or girl, to pressure the muscles under the skin to get the energy flowing through your body again.

All blockages in the energy lines need to be removed to balance your body and get you back in good health.

The 30 or 60-minute or even 90-minute sessions give you the time to relax and feel the energy flowing through your body again.

Obvious the longer the session is the longer the masseuse can massage your body. The arms, legs, hands and feet, your neck and back, your stomach and your buttocks all need to be addressed remove the blockages in the energy lines.

In certain cases, Thai Herbal Balm is used to “heat” up the muscles helping in removing these blockages within these energy lines.

The Usage of Oil

During a session, you can keep your knickers on although they might get oily that should not be a problem for the washing machine. The oil that we use during a massage session is friendly for your skin and does not smell. The oil is a mixture of other oils and the New Sky secret but you will find out that the oil will penetrate the skin and give you a feeling of total relaxation.

Next to the non-smelly oil we also have aromatic oils which are oils with great healing properties. These essential oils improve the physical, mental and emotional health. At New Sky you can have a shower before and after a massage treatment and we would like you to do so. You will feel fresh before and completely relaxed when you have a shower before a full body massage and after the 30-minute or 60-minute session the shower will help you to remove the oil from your body.

Part of the relaxation is the music that you hear during the massage sessions, it will help to set your mind on “Thailand” and bring the authenticity from Thailand to our Southampton massage parlour. You will find that the music helps you to relax and that is exactly what your body needs.

Local Body Massage

For your local full body massage, you come to New Sky in Southampton. We welcome you to the massage parlor to relax and feel the warmth of the Thai. Find the directions below or call us.

Thai Massage Services

Full Body

The oil that we use for the full body massage will not harm you. The oil will make you feel relax during the full body massage sessions and stimulates the re-energizing of your body.


Do you believe that by putting pressure on pressure points on the feet are useful to cure the body because somehow that pressure point is related to a specific organ? If you do then check out or Reflexology massage.


Combine your daily exercising with a weekly sports massage session to heal quicker and giving you a psychological benefit which will be good for you next exercise.


Put your body in Yoga-style postures and stretch your muscles through gentle, rhythmic manipulation to relieve you from aches and pains that is what traditional means.